Office Hours Audio: October 15, 2019

(Click the timestamps below to play individual conversations.)

0:00 Heidi
Heidi is trying to figure out who her business should serve, and how she should reach them.

Her main questions were:

  • Do I need a website right now?
  • Should I separate my personal Instagram from my business Instagram?

We had a good talk about how the first answer is maybe, the second answer is yes, and neither one is the most important thing in her business right now.

The most important thing in her business right now is doing more of what she already did: get in a room with the people she wants to serve, talk with them, and see how they respond to the words she uses to describe her work.

21:40 Catie
Catie’s feeling pressure to “niche down” in spite of the fact that she’s getting lots of engagement without a clear, narrow niche.

We had a great conversation about how getting narrow can be a great tool, and serves most of us well (me included), but if you’re getting results just being you in your business, then just keep going. Nothing is broken.

37:28 Camille
Camille is excited about all the things: 1-1 coaching, group coaching, designing course materials…she wants to do it all.

She’s wondering how much she should charge for her new group program.

I told her that what she’s actually describing is a 1-1 program with a group element and supporting materials, and shared with her the risks and benefits of her “do everything for everyone” mindset.

56:30 Becca
Becca feels like a failure because no one signed up for a consult after a recent “lunch n learn” that 20 people attended.

My chat with Becca turned into an important conversation about seeing evidence of success, limiting work hours as a way of improving output, and being patient in growing the business you want.

1:17:52 Candice
Candice has a hard time believing you could grow a great income in a ten-hour workweek. We talked about it.

1:33:12 Andrea
Andrea is feeling a lot like Becca: she gave a talk to a group of women, and none of those who attended immediately signed up for more coaching.

She’s feeling defeated, behind, and generally like a failure.

Ironically, one of the women who attended her talk had already gone to Andrea’s website, connected with her message, and hired Andrea for coaching. (!!)

This gave us a great chance to talk about celebrating every success, staying present, enjoying the work for its own sake, and getting out of the self-criticism habit.

1:52:37 Judith
Judith wondered about how to tithe in her business since she just signed her first paying client.

We talked briefly about how she can tithe on the money she takes out of the business for personal use, and then we celebrated her success.