We’re hiring a content-loving word nerd to help us produce more content, more often, in more places.

Hi, I’m Mark Butler. My team and I are looking for a web content expert to help us get our message out more…better. See? We need your help.

If we hire you for the position you’ll be an hourly W2 employee who works part-time from home. Compensation will depend on experience. Our team enjoys a flexible work schedule, paid vacation, and company-supplied Mac laptops and accessories. Also, we have very few meetings and we keep them short.

You might be a good fit for this role if:

1. You’re a true word nerd who geeks out a little too much on written and verbal communication.

Maybe you majored in literature, journalism, PR, or communications. Maybe you edited your high school newspaper or your spouse’s college essays. Maybe you’re a long-time blogger or a freelance copywriter. Maybe a poorly-constructed sentence ruins your day. Maybe you were captain of the debate team. Maybe you know what an Oxford comma is. Around here we’re all nerds, so push your glasses up on your nose and keep reading.

2. You’re a producer and lover of online content.

We’re looking for someone who speaks the language of the internet: newsletters, blogs, Instagram, Youtube, etc. You’ll earn big bonus points if you’ve maintained a steady presence on any of these platforms for any length of time.

3. You want to be part of a team.

We’re looking for a person who wants to be part of a team long-term — as opposed to working a gig until their own projects take off. I’m offering you the chance to use my business as a creative outlet and a source of income while letting other members of the team deal with products, customers, bookkeeping, taxes…etc.

Sound good? Good. Then you’ll want to know what we do and who we serve.

Business coaching and motivation for coaches and freelancers.

I’ve made a living from web-related work since 2005. I’ve owned or worked in almost every kind of online business: coaching, ebooks, video courses, memberships, webinars, done-for-you services, drop shipping, software…all of it.

After 15 years, I’m spending more of my time advising other online business owners. It’s fun. I love it. Most of the content you’d work on would relate to mindset, strategy, and tactics for succeeding as a solo business owner online.

Bookkeeping and money support for coaches and freelancers.

For the last six years I’ve handled the money stuff for dozens of coaches and online business owners. My clients call me their CFO and bookkeeper. I’ve worked for coaches like Brooke Castillo and Jody Moore. Our job is to make our clients’ lives easier so they can sleep better at night and focus on getting their work out in the world.

Is this a job you’d love? Let’s talk more about what you’d be doing.

The podcast, the newsletter, and Instagram.

I don’t know exactly what a typical workday is going to look like for this role. I envision a person who’s one part editor-in-chief, one part ghostwriter, one part copywriter. Your job will be to help me publish more content in three main channels:

My podcast, the Mark Butler Show.

I’ve produced sixty-something episodes. The show has a small but loyal group of fans who periodically ask me when I’m going to get back to publishing new material. Maybe you and I would develop topics and outlines together so all I have to do is hit record on my laptop and talk for 15 or 20 minutes. New episodes, happy listeners.

My newsletter, which should go out every Friday but happens oh-so-sporadically.

I like to write, but I struggle with consistency. Maybe you’d help me keep a list of topics and notes about those topics so getting the newsletter out would feel easier. Maybe you’d even take other content (classes I teach, talks I give) and repurpose it into a newsletter as a sort of ghostwriter. Here’s a recent example.

My Instagram feed, @markbutlerdotcom.

For a couple of months I posted stories every day on Instagram. Like the podcast, it has a small-but-loyal group of followers who’ve asked me to get back to it. But I have the same issues on Insta that I have with the podcast and newsletter: struggles with consistency due to poor planning, outlining, scheduling and execution.

If the podcast, the newsletter, and Instagram are happening regularly, we’re winning. Who knows where we can go from there.

How to apply

If this might be your dream job, send an email to mark@markbutler.com that meets the following criteria:

  1. Include the phrase “nerdy by nature” in the subject line.
  2. Write me a cover letter that introduces you and your experience, and tells me why you’re perfect for the job.

That’s it! I (or a member of the team) will acknowledge your cover letter within 24 hours. If we love what you wrote, we’ll be in touch about next steps.

I’m in no rush to fill this role, but I’m ready to get started as soon as we find the right person. I look forward to hearing from you!