What’s next for Office Hours?

Watch this page for updates about the features and benefits of membership.

1. Monthly Money Meetings

Opportunities to invest in your business show up in your inbox and your social feeds every day. With almost six years experience dealing with life coaches finances, I’m in a unique position to help you think through those decisions.

Each month you’ll have access to a money meeting where you and other members can talk through important financial decisions in your business.

As a side benefit, these meetings will prepare you for a stress-free tax season. No scrambling to figure out the income and expenses in your business. You’ll have taken care of it in Office Hours.

The first Monthly Money Meeting will be on Thursday, December 5th. The time of day is still to be determined.

2. Summary emails, audio, video improvements

I’ve had some good feedback from Office Hours member Amber Diebert about the summary emails, and I’ll be implementing her suggestions right away:

1. Full video of every Office Hours open coaching call.

Great idea. We’ll embed the video above the audio.

2. Adjustable playback speed for all Office Hours audio and video.

I didn’t realize Soundcloud doesn’t have this feature. It’s a dealbreaker for me. Starting with our next Office Hours call, the audio archives will use a player that allows accelerated playback speed, because it’s almost 2020 for heaven’s sake. Who listens to audio at 1x speed anymore?

It may take a few weeks, but the team and I will migrate all audio archives to a modern playback tool.

Thanks, Amber!

3. Mark’s Big Idea (or maybe Mark’s Key Insights)

I often think about the customer’s main challenge with a membership like Office Hours: too much content, too time consuming to go through it, don’t want to feel like I’m missing anything.

Sure, you can pick and choose what you listen to/attend. That’s great.

I think I can go a step further as the community leader here by curating my own top two or three insights of the month. It probably looks like an email that says “whatever else you do, make sure you listen to these segments this month.”

The first version of Mark’s Big Idea will be in your inbox at the end of December.

4. “Instant” Referral Payments

You probably already know about the Office Hours ‘give a free month, get a free month‘ referral program.

Since our membership management system doesn’t allow us to give account credit, we send the $50 to your PayPal account.

Starting the week of December 2, we’ll be making those referral payments daily. In other words: if you refer a friend today, you’ll receive $50 in your PayPal account tomorrow (with exceptions for weekends and holidays).

Credit to team member Heidi Vessels for suggesting this!